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Hello'I have an interest in swimming.I swim on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I love swimming it is one of my favourite sports, anyone can swim.Swimming is a good sport because you are free and it causes the least injuries swimming is the best for fitness.This week I have two swimming competitions if I beat my p.b on backstroke I will have a consideration time and i might be selected for the Quanty

scott the robot

I am scott


i love Emojescryingsurpriseenlightenedmailangryangelcheekysadsmileyblush

there are best


my best friend is the coolest boy ever his name is andrew 

i love school so much i want to be a teacher

or  a astranout 


i love schoooooolll!!!!!

i love all sports

i love jokes

i love spurs, my favourite player is christian ericksonImage result for christian eriksenImage result for christian eriksen

                                             Image result for emojiImage result for emoji


I chose art because it is a fun hobby.Art is a relaxing thing to do all you have to do is sketch and

shade. The most fun thing about art is when you hold the pencil lightly so you can rub it out if you press on the pencil too hard then you won't be able too rub out.now i will show a art picture


Image result for artImage result for art

you can paint draw are sketch  .


I love badminton and started playing when l was three years old. I like it because of the way it is played. I first played with my dad and then developed over time and started playing at the Jean Brown Arena for three days a week. My brother also played at the same club as me but a different training session that was played at a higher level.




Badminton is amazing because the rules are straight forward and easy to put into play. I am going to explain the rules in an easier way in this paragraph. First you toss the shuttle in the air, then whoever the shuttle is pointing to starts the brilliant game! This game can be played with different amounts of points to be played.



i have been dancing for 3 years. Everybody envyed me (In a good way) I used to made videos on Latin dancing.I did loads of different  dances over the years. For example Hip Hop, Latin and Cutlural dance. It was lots on fun!!! It was in Bulgaria, My favourite dance is Latin dancing. I loved my teacher, because she liked my dancing. I made lots of friends!!!:) I had 3 best friends, their names are: Tedi, Lora and Maria.  The teacher would always tell us we are like one person   smiley 



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