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The Sun is at a raging height at 3500 c* to 4800 c* . A flare of gas and oxygen with a bunch of gravity which holds the planets in place . Some people think that the sun is in the Earth when it is actually not in the Earth otherwise we would burn to death and get toasted !


To score 1 point ,go infront of the small circle.

Score 2 points between the small and big circle.

Score 3 points behind the big circle.

Basketball is one of my favourite games.

soknowmething you should all know

Basically I am not reading Caddy Ever After because I'm reading Sherlock Holmes Black Ice.Iit is really interesting.  I loveheartit

This is how it looks.


You should read it.



Basically as you already  may know, this is one of my favourite books of all time.  And I personally think it's the best and famous books. Also, Indigo is playing matchmaker and knows exactly who his dream date will be.

Rose has made an important promise- but can she keep it?.

Saffy tries to help Sarah feel  better but she's too caught up in the stars.

And Caddy has finally found the real thing...probably. Will she live happily ever after?

Ps4 and Ps4 games

Ps4 is a sort of console (in my opinion one of the best console's).


Ps4 games:

Rocket league

rocket league is a football car game. In this game you can collect different car's, hat's also flags and many more. you can play online with your friends with the headset that comes with the console.



Fifa is a game that varies every year with a recent addition from last year's Fifa. You can do a career mode, the journey and fut champs and many more interesting app's to go on.

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