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Sam:How will  she eat that!


Micah:She won't


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Since I am a child I like a variety of foods. Here is a few I like.



Chocolate is a delicious treat. You can have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate (some people consider white chocolate isn’t real chocolate because it doesn’t use cacao). This isn’t all the types of chocolate. In my opinion it is super delicious!


Duck and Pancakes (the best)

Duck and pancakes originally came from China. To me it tastes of a variety of things depending on what you put in the wrap. I normally put in spring onions, duck and cucumber. This makes it crunchy and delicious and with a bit of sauce it soars way over 10 on the taste scale.


Crisps come in a variety of flavours. Here are some of my favourite flavours:

  • Cheese and onion
  • Ready salted
  • Lightly sea salted (my favourite)
  • Barbecue

  • Salt and vinegar


Dumplings are delicious balls of dough. They can be served with many different things, such as

gravy, chicken soup and stew.

Lego builders


This is the biggest Lego ship in the world  using over 2.5 million Lego bricks and weighs over 2,800 kg 1.33 m (27.7 ft ) long.


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Art 2

Extraordinary styles of art

 ?In todays blog we'll be talking to you about: Japanese Anime art Fun facts about Anime: Anime can be used in various styles depending on how you wish to portray it. Anime can also be seen in Japanese cartoons and other cartoons. Its really easy to draw ( once you get the hang of it ). Anyone can draw it and next we will be showing you how.I have been doing anime for a couple of years and found it quite easy (some of my other friends used to draw in a similar way and introduced me to it) How to draw Anime: 
  1. You draw a shape of a head (kind of like a horizontal oval)



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